Auto Groover AG-5 Version EX

Smaller lenses can be grooved!


Processes a small 24mm high lens for the latest frame fashions simply in a single job cycle due to a new designed lens guide system.


Three grooving styles include:  Center, Front Curve and Back Curve grooves are available.


Depth and location of grooves are adjustable simply and precisely.


High quality diamond cutter wheel fine grooves both mineral and plastic lenses.




Width of groove

0.6mm standard (0.5~1.2mm with extra wheels)


Max. depth of groove



Thickness/Diameter of lens acceptable

1.5~11.0mm /24~70mm


Power requirements

100~120V 60Hz AC or 200~240V 50Hz AC, 57W



170(W) x 210(D) x 150(H)mm /2.7kg