DIA E920

Our Full Featured Price Value Leader The Most Durable, Dependable Cut & Edge Machine Ever Made. 

All the same advanced engendering and durability as our most advanced E1000. 

Interfaces with FD-80 & FD-80-E Scanners 

Fast Poly & Trivex Processing 

Fast CR-39 & Glass 

1 Year Warranty Parts & Labor 

40 Job Rotating Trace Memory

 Trace data can be saved, 40 jobs of rotating memory. 

20 Job Permanent Trace Memory 

20 More locations are available that do not overwrite. 

Multi Language Support 


What is different? 

The E920 is the only E-Series Edger that can use the FD-80-E scanner. Otherwise this is the same basic machine as the E950, however the following significant items are Changed: 

- Re-Edge Memory is NOT included. 

- 1 Year Parts Warranty. 

- Grooving & Safety Bevel Arm NOT Available. 

- Advanced Finishing and Re-Edge Options Not Available. 

- A more limited future upgrade path than an E950. 



Cordless Blocker  

Add Polish Wheel