DIA E950

The refined Vertical Technology new Takubomatic E950 Multi-Axis Lens Edger leads the remarkable performance and productivity to any Optical work in a space-saving design. 


Fast Polycarbonate & Trivex Processing

Multi-Width Grooving & Safety Bevels


Model GP

Multi-Width Grooves, Safety-Bevels & Polished lenses

Standard Bevel & Polishing Wheel plus Glass & Plastic

Roughing Wheels


Model P

Same as Model GP but does not have Grooving andSafety Bevel Arm


Model S

Same as Model P but does not have Polishing



2 Year Warranty on Parts, 1 Year on Labor

40 Job Rotating Trace Memory

Trace data can be saved, 40 jobs of rotating memory.

20 Job Permanent Trace Memory

20 More locations are available that do not overwrite.

Multi Language Support


What is different?

This is the same basic machine as the E1000, however the following significant items are Changed:

- 2 Year Instead of 3 Year Parts Warranty.

- Advanced Finishing and Re-Edge Options NOT Available.

- Re-Edge Memory is NOT Available.

- A more limited future upgrade path than an E1000.

- Odor Reduction System is Optional.- 2 Chuck sets included other sizes are Optional