E6.10 and E6.20

Two series of our new lens edgers, e6.20 and e6.10 meet the requirements for a wide range of lens edging.

Grinds all current lens materials including Polycarbonate accurately and quickly. 

Yet, the models e6.20T and e.6.10T cut out both plastic and mineral glass lenses at high speed due to introduction of Twin roughing wheels specializing in each material.

A built-in controlled bevelling unit allows you to fine-tune the bevel placement on high-power lenses.

Three-degrees head pressures can be selected according to the style of lens.

An anti-foam coolant system ( water tank and pump) is standard.

A direct water supply system ( city water connection kit) and motorized lens chucking system also available from the optional accessories.

The model e6.20 series includes a lens measuring system that enables you to verify the finished lens size without removing the lens from the machine.


Common Specifications


Diameter of Lens Acceptable

Min: 22mm in height (Rimless) / 22mm in height (Bevelling) with small lens chucks

Max: 100mm


Power Requirements

100~200V / 60Hz AC or 200~240V /50Hz AC, 340W



430 (W) x 430(D) x 350(H)mm

650 (H)mm when cover is open



33kg (main unit) /5kg ( accessories)



Standard accessories including water tank, pump 1/2 eye chuck kit and tools.