Hand Edgers NH-series

NH-22F NH-22V NH-30F NH-30V NH-30W NH-32WV NH-32TV

Self-contained water system, compact and lightweight design require no

plumbing and no installation.

Durable plastic housing and water-proof inside construction produce no


Reversible wheel revolution with an electric switch.

A large range of high quality metal-bonded diamond wheels (100mm) is



NH-22F 22mm(W) 600mesh

NH-22V 22mm(W) 600mesh w/V-groove

NH-30F 30mm(W) 600mesh

NH-30W 30mm(W) 600mesh 200mesh

NH-32WV 32mm(W) 600mesh w/V-groove +200mesh

NH-32TV 32mm(W) 600mesh w/Free-floating V-groove

NH-30V 30mm(W) 600mesh w/V-groove



Revolution Speed of Wheel

1700rpm/60Hz, 1400rpm/50Hz


Power Requirements

100~120V 60Hz AC or 200~240V 50Hz AC, 97W



220(W) x 360(D) x 280(H)mm / 8.0kg