Handy Drill DM-5 (Rimless Lens Drill)

Easy to use for high quality rimless jobs!


Rigid and non-runout drill spindle performs speedy and attractive drilling on all plastic materials

Well-thought out design of lens-supporting system secures drill point and angle on any shape lens.

A wide range of extra drill bits is available and exchangeable quick and simply.

1/2-hole hand reamer (a standard accessory) eases fine tuning adjustment on a hole





Possible diameter of tooling

0.8~2.6mm (3.00 mm for optional end-mill)


Spindle Speed

2900 (50Hz) / 3500 (Hz) RPM


Power Requirements 

100~120V 60Hz AC or 200~240V 50Hz AC, 30W



140(W) x 185(D) x 275(H)mm/4.0kg



Standard drill bit, 1/2 hole hand reamer, etc