Pattern Maker PM-8

The most advanced stand-alone pattern maker.  Scans frames, lenses and patterns digitally and cuts out of extremely accurate patterns automatically.


Generates boxed or decentered pattern fully automatically.

A perfectly boxed pattern, on which the pattern's mechanical center comes on the geometric center of the lens-shape is automatically available, simply by putting the frame in place and tracing it.  If the values of the client's PD and height of eye-point are input to the PM-8, a decentered pattern is generated automatically to aenable you to block a lens blank on its optical center.


Traces a lens-shape as small as 18mm high.


Minimum tracing pressure eliminates distortion even with extremely delicate frames.


Takes only seconds to change between frame and lens tracing.



Range of Measurement

Min: 18mm(in height) Max:85mm


Possible Diameter of Pattern

Min:21mm(in height) Max:80mm


Possible Thickness of Pattern



Power Requirements

100~120V 60Hz AC or 200~240V 50Hz AC, 47W


Dimensions/Weight: 240(W)x350(D) x 260(H)mm/9.0kg